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The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex, FX, or Currency Market) is a leading global, financial market for trading currencies. It is the most heavily traded internaYonal market, with over $5 trillion in daily volume. Enjoy the benefits of being part of an ever-growing online currency trading community.


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Get the edge with a fully flexible, specialized shares trading service. Take advantage of market opportunities, with only a margin deposit on the actual shares. When trading shtern group with more than 100 different stocks assists


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A CFD is a financial contract in which the payoff depend of the difference between the price of the open and close rate. While CFD are used in a theoretical framework as the building block for asset pricing and financial derivatives Professional Trading Support


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Commodities & Indexes
Get instant access to a popular commodities available directly on our trading platform: Gold, Oil, Silver and more. With us you can trade commodities exactly the same way as currency pairs with no physical purchase or sale of the commodity.
No Commissions – Fixed Spreads!
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Build your trade account with us bay using
Fundamental analysis with our professional team
Long term trading portfolio more than 85% of trades are based on long term positions
Daily based news and technical analysis tools
Daily news
Get Daily based financial news
from our analytic department with the latest financial news


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Long term analysis
Get a long term economic analysis from our financial experts for hottest financial assists


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Technical analyze
Get technical analyze for all the trading assists on the platform from our financial department
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Shtern Group would like to welcome you to a devoted team of experts dedicated to anticipating and attending to your needs. Shtern Group ' team will work with precision, direction, courage,and care to help you achieve your financial goals.

Safe and Secure

Strong financial resources

Safety of Funds separate bank accounts

Quick withdrawal process

We make money with the clients

Hi tech platform

Next-generation online trading platform with hundreds of assets – No Download Or Installation Needed.

More than 200 trading assets

High Payout rate

24/7 support of our professional team

Mobile App
In order to trade cfds in todays fast-paced world you need immediate access to the markets. Download the Shtern Group trading app today and never miss a trading opportunity.

Trade anytime, anywhere!